Digital Scrapbook – : Russia and Eurasian Republics

This is the home page of ConnectRussia (I also created a twitter feed of links and resources, hopefully which may grow over time [accessible @ConnectRussia] ConnectRussia stands for “Connecting Russia, Eurasian Republics, and the world in Context”), a web-based scrapbook collecting news, analysis and research relating to Russia, and Eurasian Republics.

Click any of the links above this text for information and context links on central topics, information on the structure of the regions examined (where not otherwise cited, source for statistics, political divisions, territory names, Russian terminology, spelling, and language, population and demographic data is from Wikipedia); or click on any of the “recent posts” on the right side of this page for frequently updated posts (or jump into “archives” to skim all of the older [news and commentary] posts, or click here for All Posts sequentially on the same page; these posts will attempt to collect and comment on resources from various sources on a variety of topics).

More posts preliminarily arranged by geographic/political location can be found here.

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