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Escalating ethnic violence in Russian cities,25 coupled with regional conflict has heightened racial tension, particularly towards migrant workers from Central Asia and the Caucasus.26  Five people disappeared in 2013 after an alleged abduction-style detention by security forces in Ingushetia and another incident occurred in Chechnya in early 2013.27 

Russia – Walk Free Foundation – Global Slavery Index 2014.

Armenia’s retail trade in January rises 1.4% from a year earlier

Armenia’s retail trade in January rises 1.4% from a year earlier

Armenia’s retail trade in 2011 January rose by 1.4% from a year earlier, according to the latest numbers, revealed by the CIS Statistical Committee, which said that the average growth among several former Soviet republics was 2.6%.

According to its figures, in terms of retail growth Armenia came in seventh among CIS countries. 

The highest retail growth of 20.6% was reported by Belarus. Ukraine came in second with 11.7% growth. It was followed by Kazakhstan – 11.1%, Azerbaijan- 8.3%, Tajikistan – 5.8%, Moldova – 4.4%, Russia- – 0.5%. Kyrgyzstan posted a 7.2% decline. No data were available on Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

(Via Arka Armenian News Agency)

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